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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
But thats not the problem, the problem is Federation shipyards are overburden with designs to the point all possible BO seating have been done, your proposal is duplicating the Soverign or the Excelsior layouts, it also steps on the Odyssey as your "2 set" is absurdly powerful, +20 power AND +30 to BOTH Energy and Projectile damage?
The same as the D'Koras Battle mode just a bit weaker.

Whats the problem with having similar BOFF layouts?
It just enhances the options of possible flyable ships, nothing else.

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
With the Odyssey the Cruiser 3 pack is done, we dont need another cruiser 3 pack ... one thing is refitting so having a Galaxy Set works when owing the 3 Galaxies but even that is tough because the Galaxy-X is a completely different beast that the Galaxy-R, what works in one does not necessary works on the other but this is caused by the ships not being made to work as a pack and after the fact its not going to work trying for then to work as a pack, adding a new cruiser 3 pack would be redundant and would punish other ship classes.
No one's talking about the -X, this is about the GCS.

Releasing dontdrunkimshoots enhanced exploration cruiser retrofit 3 pack would "punish" other ship classes?
How do you come to that conclusion?

So Cryptic will never, ever release a 3 Pack of either Science, Cruiser or Escort ships according to your logic, because we already have the vesta, Odyssey or Andorian Escort.
Cryptic will continue to sell whatever fits to Star Trek in their eyes. The Galaxy Class is the most significant ship in Star Trek for some people, much more than the Vesta ever was. And still we have got this (very good made) 3 pack vesta.
Don't get me wrong i have nothing against the Vesta, i own it myself, but the Galaxy Class deserves much more such love by the devs.

Relasing dontdrunkimshoots enhanced exploration cruiser retrofit 3 pack would only be a alternative to other Crusiers and a fan service. It would in no way make any other ship useless, it would just add the GCS as it should have been.

Btw, the Gal-X compared to other Dreadnoughts in STO is very underpowered IMO. A hit and run ship is NOT what a Dreadnought is supposed to be. A dreadnoughts purpose is to enter a Battle, stay and fight anything down.

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