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Originally Posted by holyknight22 View Post
The Gorn are one of the best races in STO, yet they feel lacking in some major way. Could it be the lack of awesome NPC's.........nah we have Ambassador S'tass. Could it be the lack of a bonified Gorn warship equal to the Federation's newest ships, perhaps.

So what do the Gorn really need to be complete?

The ability for Gorn players to throw rocks at their opponents in ground based missions! This elusive epic ability is being used by myriads of lesser Gorn NPC's to hinder the path of many players, so why can't Gorn players use it? Imagine throwing massive rocks at Manus in Infected Ground or even at the Borg Queen herself. Got Tholian Project Leader problems? Squash them with a rock! Where do you get a massive slab of rock in a Starbase, who cares its Star Trek Online!

This campaign has been brought to you buy the Gorn Rock Throwing Association of Deep Space Nine. We will rock you!

(On a more serious note, I would love to have this ability for the heck of it, or even an emote)
i've not yet rolled a gorn, but certainly would if this were made possible!!

i love the idea and this thread made my boring work day a little less boring thanks!!

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