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So i've been thinking. How majorly screwed would I be if i swapped out my Vesta with a Defiant Retro fit.

I bought it on the C-Store (when it was the C-Store) a long time ago just because i'm a DS9 freak and figured it would be good to have for a tactical one day. After comments saying the vesta may not be the best ship for DPS and overall ass kicking would the Defiant be a better choice.

I realise I would need to rework my entire build again but now I know whats going on it should be less of a foul up

You would probably double your DPS easily with fleet advanced DHC's and turrets/kcb in aft. but you will lose a considerable amount of surviveability. Hit and run tactics is the game, hit while you can but be ready to run and heal. I suggest fleet nuetroniums with +turn, assimilated module, and zero point for sci and engi consoles. tac console all the ones that boost whatever energy type you use.

I would do something like this Just the ship page.. nutroniums, fleet with +turn and fleet emiter with -th. Ensign tac is a wasted slot really so i put torp spread there so you can swap a DHC for a torp.

On the above build I went with advanced weapons just to show to use the tac console that matches the enrgy type and because elite only comes in phaser or disruptor for klinks. If you do Phaser then get the elite phasers.

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