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08-14-2013, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by tomoruofborg View Post
I agree that the double tap is a problem in this game. the solution you set forth makes sense , however there are other things that are a great concern as well such as the Doffs that make them do 30% chance to ignore shields (energy weapons doff) . Pvp in this game is broken because of things like that and premades vs pugs as well. Pvp in this game is almost dead and so are the long waiting Ques.
Unfortunately this is a very true statement. The main problem right now is that everything is revolving around the actual lack of PvE content because a lot of people particularly on the KDF side were screaming for years to add content for the KDF who didn't want to partake in the traditional PvP leveling format of the old days prior to Featured Episode series'. With that said of course many times we have seen PvP take a back burner in favor of running PvE for the purposes of the expanding market of PvE players. The problem of course is that every single addition designed for PvE throws PvP out of whack even farther. What needs to happen and has been stated many times is a complete PvP overhaul of the game and redesigning it from the ground up so that things actually become balanced. Like taking %age damage reduction and implementing in game when it comes to PvP to actually even the fields a bit. Don't get me wrong the changes to emergency power abilities actually made running an actual science ship in PvP appealing but it's still a far distant second to what it used to be. Sadly though, it seems that PvP is a secondary priority now which is why I have formally retired from PvP in all forms because it is way to easy to run a FOTM build that simply cannot be beaten. I have to agree that this double tap build with Romulan ships has made BO far more OP than it should be and I for one would love to see that changed along with a massive overhaul of the entire PvP mechanic.