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08-14-2013, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Wow, what a surprise. Sad Pandas doesn't see anything wrong with double-tap builds. Maybe it's because that's the only way Pandas fight nowadays...
This might come as a shock, but you can kill us with that too.

It works both ways.

And if you don't mind, you're talking to two players - we are not the sum total of all opinions in our fleet. This isn't the military, it's a video game.

Do you profess to speak 100% for everyone in your fleet at once?

Please try not to make too many assumptions.

This is my opinion, in a thread full of other people's opinions.

Originally Posted by skurf View Post
How do you expect this game to ever be balanced if the people that run the OP stuff lie about its effectiveness just so they can get more kills?
Which OP stuff would that be? The tractor beam spamming, warp piss spewing pets or TIF lovers, or 50s multi-target GPG spam? How about coordinated AMS usage?

Does your fleet have some list of items you guys refuse to run in the queues?

This is PvP, none of us are angels here.

There are so many mindlessly spammable abilities, and passive mitigation powers that do not require good timing or even much thought - items that are so far out of balance, that I personally don't see a problem with double tap builds that have a kill window of about 5s.

That's it, there is no conspiracy here. It's not like this tactic is a secret, the devs know it exist - if they feel it's not WAI they will change it.

I'd love to go back to running just DHCs and not having to worry about squeezing DEM and multiple BOs and Marion into builds and manually having to double tap my DBB on my hotbar, but unfortunately that is no longer as effective as it used to be.

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