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08-14-2013, 04:14 PM
I feel the biggest weakness of Into Darkness was that they didn't keep it to their own thing, their own story, like the previous film had been.

For good or for ill, that went it's OWN way. ID though...just felt so...underwhelming. I cringed so hard inside when I heard the 'evil Admiral of the week' in that movie mention Section 31.

Then they added in Khan, who was played well of course, but it was still Khan, and not a new villain to be focused on. Carol Marcus was a nice touch though, not for the 'sexy full body shot' they gave her, but more that, hey, she is still around because of the time period it is in.

Having old characters is fine to me, but only as long as they are doing their own story. Let's be honest, a huge majority of the moving going public, aka 'Billy Bob' and 'Mary Anne' aren't going to know spit about Section 31, and it's never mentioned again. If they had taken out Khan and focused on Section 31, it would've been better IMO.

It felt like Trek to me, it was fine in that regard, but it didn't feel like it's own story.

Insurrection is my least favorite though.

TMP: Good ideas in theory, just SO DAMN BORING!
SfS: Kruge is a lot of fun, and I think it's done well in regards to how the other major powers would consider the Genesis Project quite dangerous.
FF: A nice picture all in all, trying to go into a very interesting territory, just kind of silly in the execution.
Generations: For as...'fan-ficcy' as it can be, it's kind of a good way of looking at how the captains and crews have changed. They aren't as young as they were, and so they are thinking about the future, and what they wish they could do again. I do like it.
Insurrection: My god, do I hate the Baku. If anybody knows who Linkara is, my views pretty well mirror his in regards to that movie.