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08-14-2013, 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by skurf View Post
you always play down whatever OP stuff you're running. Like when the BO doff came out and there was a thread about how OP it was, you were sitting there saying how it wasn't very good while at the same time you were running it and getting alpha-strike kills without even taking your target's shield facing down. Now the double-tap build that you're also running is no big deal either because of yadayadayada. How do you expect this game to ever be balanced if the people that run the OP stuff lie about its effectiveness just so they can get more kills?
Im sure tons of people tried it out, ive been using it on and off, im still tweaking my builds and im pretty sure its not needed to do successful double taps And vaping through RSP is still pretty much doable with or without the doff as well.

I wouldnt have a single problem if rules on a specific match or tournament would to be 'no BO bleedthrough doffs'. Not a single argument from me there. And i still stand by my statement that the BO bleed doffs dont change a whole lot, some options could even be better to use depending on the build.

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