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08-14-2013, 06:50 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
The bottom of the TNG split bottom pants have been smoothed out.
........ smoothed out? umm, does that mean most boots dont clip as bad? undo making some of those boots so fat instead why dont ya.

so....... does that mean the fricking color pallet got unbugged too? to see that MAIN issue with these particular pants not mentioned is a bit TROUBLING

have you guys not noticed that the texture coloring is now totally different and not matchable AT ALL to any of the tng tops? and every 24th century costume now looks terrible as a result?

these pants are not fixed until the pants can match the shirt again, and i dont see any 'known issues' in this patch notes giving any indication that anyone has even noticed the actual problems with these pants, that have been broken since LoR launched!

and there is STILL no mention of the female type 1 republic uniform having the big yellow triangle clipping on top of the undershirt fixed. you can see it on npcs even, this is literally impossible not to notice if any dev has a romulan character. this has been broken since the rom vet rewards were launched!
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