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08-14-2013, 09:32 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
[*]Romulan Formal Pants no longer appear under the skirt option.
I transferred my Fed Lib-Borg Female Romulan to Tribble. I couldn't test this because I don't appear to have access to my Vet Clothing on Tribble.

I did find another bug:

I would right-click on my status icon in the upper-left, select Change Outfit, and tried changing into my different outfits. I was successfully able to change into my Peasant Dress, Romulan 22nd Century, Romulan Republic 1, Romulan Republic 2, Romulan Republic Variant, Romulan Federation 1, Romulan Federation 2, but I could *not* change into my Romulan Survivor, Tal Shiar, Vedek "Sandrobe", Romulan Senate Robe, Romulan Republic Sci Blue, Risian Beachcomber, Risian Explorer, D200 Vet Republic Dress Skirt, D200 Vet Republic Dress Pants, D500 Vet Romulan Adm, Black And Purple Vet Variant.

When I go into the tailor, the ones I couldn't change into, I can not Modify either. I also notice that the Create button is greyed out.

Tribble tkt #42,406

I logged into Tribble with my Main Fed Male character (who has nearly 80-made uniforms), and I can only change into/edit the first 10. The rest are locked out. This is TERRIBLY DISTURBING TO ME! I've spent a lot of money on these uniforms and costume slots!

Tribble tkt #42,407

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
[*]The Honor Guard costume no longer has a gap in the abdomen for Orion Females.
I never even noticed this on Holodeck prior to this Tribble Update, but to see what you guys were talking about I transferred my Orion Female to Tribble and took a trip to the Tailor. Not sure if this is what you guys thought was fixed, but I see a hole:

Tribble tkt #42,405

And I still do not have my Honor Guard Be'ves Top and Honor Guard Hos Helmet (Details here).

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
[*]The bottom of the TNG split bottom pants have been smoothed out.
The TNG Split Pants do appear to be fixed, both the strange "wrinkles" and texture. The color appears to be matching up. Yay!

However, I'm still missing Soft Boots that belong to the TNG era uniforms (Details here).

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
[*]TOS Romulan Uniform color palettes have been updated.[*]While the top does not have the same palette, more colors may now be matched.
I was unable to test this on Tribble. When I go Tribble with my Fed Lib-Borg Female Romulan I can change into my existing 22nd Cen uniform, but when I try to modify it, I lost the costume, and I can't select it from the drop downs.

Why can't you guys just make sure the TOS Romulan Uniform parts have the same palette, why does the top left with something different?

New bug:
While in the Tailor I tried to change the display from Large Preview to Small Preview and the game crashed, I didn't get a chance to type in any details or get the tkt #. When I reloaded the game, went into the Tailor it was showing the List. I tried to change it to Large Preview and it bombed again, this time I did get the Error Ticket Number: 24033723.

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