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08-15-2013, 03:22 AM
Originally Posted by johnny1051 View Post
That would be cool, they could just reward with Skill or Exp points. I'm all for it, everything is in place for it to happen already.
Honestly I think this would be the easiest implementation for this, since it only allows the race courses to appear when you want them to, and the "Flying High" mission structure already exists. All that has to be done really is to switch out the pearl rewards for a pittance of skill points and expertise. I don't imagine it would be a lot of exp, but that's alright. I see this working somewhat like the "Surly Secrets" mission you get from an old Klingon dude in the bar on Qo'noS, which only exists to provide some lighthearted enjoyment w/some exp. Some multiplayer course would be nice as well if the devs are up to it.