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08-15-2013, 02:27 PM
I played the mission through for the first time outside of the episode today using a Ferasan science officer in a To'Duj fighter. I'm spec'd for interference/attack on Khitomer style missions and I thought that this mission is just plain buggered. I love the idea but I have compiled the following list of issues.

1- Elachi Walkers one-hit-killing with High Yield Torpedoes.
2- Un-targetable High Yield Torpedoes.
3- Invisible timers.
4- No briefing period.
5- Cloak doesn't prevent tracking weapons from gaining a target lock.
6- Buildings that are solid obstacles to player craft are clear terrain for Elachi shuttles and tracking weapons.

The mission is truly a wonderful idea, but as everyone agrees, it's far too grind heavy. So heavy in fact, that as a three-man mission it is nearly impossible to complete at all (two guys dropped out after we missed the third Optional Objective). we ended up with one guy dying just as the second reached combat and the third was on a respawn screen.

The mission is salvageable, but I do think these points need addressing. If they aren't I can see it slowly losing players; 25 minutes of game-play for 9 fleet marks is lame at the best of times.

I have issues with the small-craft and BOff systems anyway, compounding this with over-spec'd bad guys, inconveniences like the timers and bugs with the mechanics and I am not impressed with this mission. It was dreadful in a To'Duj, stupefying in a Scorpion and I despised it in my Delta Flyer. Lord help those players that have to put up with basic shuttles for it.

I think it might actually be quite fun if we could use vessels like the Long Range Science Vessel or the Klingon Raider classes, but that would require the player to have their own ship of a specific type.