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08-15-2013, 09:08 PM
I am a disabled vet. I have lost some use of my right arm, and with the accompanying nerve damage, some loss of use of my fingers on that hand. To that end, I use a game pad, specifically the G13 by Logitech. Far easier to set up than macro scripts in the in-game allowed system. Does it give me an advantage over other players? Maybe if there was another guy out there with my exact disability.

I think it is important to note that the specific phrasing used that I have seen in regards to this topic, is "Cryptic DOES NOT SUPPORT". That does not at all say Cryptic bans the use of third party software, they do not support it. Other companies have come out and said the same thing about various apps, and their definition of that is, if you have a problem interfacing the app with the game and can't play, they won't help you. So what needs to happen is that if Cryptic has already said they prohibit the use of third party stuff, it needs to be put out there in the very open so all can see. If not, they need to clarify their stance, possibly list programs that are used by players with accessibility issues/disabilities as OK, and a list of those that will get you banned.

If you believe that PWE or Cryptic is infringing on the rights of disabled players, I would suggest contacting not the Better Business Bureau, but rather the folks at who are serious advocates for gamers with all manner of disabilities. They often have engineers volunteer to build custom hardware to accommodate players with severe disability. These folks work with game studios specifically in regards to accessibility, and not only know the right people to approach, but the right way to do so.