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Your not the only one having issues. I log in get to the account server. Get into the character selection were it hangs for 3 min. Then I try to log a toon in and receive a Login_2 error.

Or I am immeadiatly disconnected. Sometime I be able to log in for 15 min the I get rubber-banding and what a shock a disconnect.

Everything on my end is fine. I have plenty of wireless connection. No problems with the modem or servers.

After this last patch I got 5--8 hours of perfect connection. However were now back to 6 to 12 login just to play a game for 15min before I'm disconnected.

I've been a gold member since closed Beta. You think I have priority over some silver bum playing for free. Or some dude spamming WTS small hypos for 1 million c-bills.

On the off chance that it was a issue with that stupid Account Guard. I authenticated my computer, changed my password and checked my account.

Cryptic you can just keep giving me free stuff from the c-store until you fix these server issues. If you can't get this fixed by the end of the year then I find something else to waste my time, and money on. Or I spend a hour on the phone with Perfect World customer service they a do have a number.

That might be issue one of your tech guys might want my account or something. There just trying to drive me crazy who know.

All I can say is fire your in house techs because if this keeps up your going giving away a lot more free stuff from the c-store.

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