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# 1 Unbind item from the cstore
08-16-2013, 01:37 PM
I think cryptic should sell a cstore item that allows you to unbind items like tactical consoles (induction coils, infusers, relays, etc), ship weapons (DHC, Beam arrays, etc), shield arrays, deflectors, engines, engineering consoles, science consoles and anything else I forgot to mention.

Items that were never meant to be sold on the exchange in game (bound upon pickup) would be unaffected by this item.

I dare not speculate how much the cstore item should cost but it shouldn't be very high as people would have to buy many of them. maybe the same as a key for 125 and sold as a 10 pack for 1125?

what do you guys think? I think there is a great potential for cryptic to make a lot of money off this and great for the player base to exchange wealth and free up resources.