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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Personally I think a separate chart for each faction is best served by a separate thread for each chart (put in each faction's Shipyards, Fleetyards, and Flotilla as appropriate).

Thanks again for the efforts Starfish1. Great job!
Great suggestion. Thanks.

PS. I have re-uploaded the Fed chart so the mistake with the Monbosh BOFF layout (there's a tongue twister for you) is now fixed. Sorry to anyone who uploaded it straight away and got the mistake. You will need to upload it again.

I'm going to fix the KDF and Rommy ones just now.

Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
Heeeyyy Star is still alive

lordhavelock is right with his idea. Divide and conquer!

You said it is difficult for you to get ship pictures with the right light exposure? I am not sure now if it is the right word but you know what I mean. Aren't there most of the ship pictures in a gallery here on the board? I know the ships are not always in the right angle, but maybe you would take a look if you like.
Thanks for that.

I did something a bit sneaky for these Elachi ships and also for the Tal Shiar ships as well. I sat outside ESD waiting for the new ships to warp in, and grabbed some screenshots. I sometimes have to wait a while, but failing that, yes, I would have to use the ones on the website as placeholders.

Many thanks again.

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