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08-16-2013, 05:49 PM
Most of them look pretty cool. I like all the science ones. More appropriate, especially since the early icons were often designed for different consoles altogether.

I do like how the energy-type consoles have little details that make them different, but it'd be nice if they had more of a difference, say on the level that the actual weapon models do. So instead of just the glow color, material type, and beam icon detailing, maybe they'd have different degrees of 'bulbosity' or 'rectilinear-ness' to the overall silhouette. Kind of like how the engineering power level boosters have the appropriate colors and icons, but also have somewhat different shapes.

The all-damage armors are a little hard to tell apart. I like the ship skeleton shape, but it lets the background yellow kind of overwhelm the subtler color differences on the actual spars themselves.

Overall, great job!