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Originally Posted by darthvrooks View Post
I assume "U.S.S. SkankHo" isn't allowed by cryptic.....

U.S.S. BlooGlutes

U.S.S. SuckItSarc

U.S.S. Azure Avenger

U.S.S. Pew Pew Pew

U.S.S. EssEss

U.S.S. Pen'Is'Mightier
I don't think "SkankHo" would boost moral, onboard or around. Well around people would be too distracted by asking if I was one so still no.

I think Sarc should have a say on his related name and if the last one came true, everyone would have to say it with a Sean Connery accent. Can Andorians have Scottish accents?
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