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08-17-2013, 04:47 AM
Imo far too late to change the icons ppl know them enough well nowadays that it will prove troublesome for said players to have to learn to recognize new ones all over again.

Plus the new icons half of em look identical to to other new ones with barely any changes to differentiate between them.

I mean look at the new engineering ones in row2 of the eng icon table thomas posted. There barely any differences unless you really look. This imo is bad you shouldnt "really" need to study them in detail to know the difference. So yeah i would not be a fan of this at all. At least the old icons which did look somewhat similar had a nice distinguishable thick color to indicate a difference in quality at least.

If your gona do new icons they should all look vastly different from each other so one never looks "like" somit else. Otherwise if you have a bunch of eng consoles that look identical which ones on ur powertray do you click on cos i mean u dont know which is which cos there identical ud have to lose precious time hovering over to see what the thing is before u click it if ur in a important tactical situation. Which is just not really on now is it.

Visually there nicer i guess tho some look a bit worse, there needs to be serious attention to alot of them tho so there not identical to others even if there similar in function.

I mean look at the 2nd row of eng consoles all the alloys. They all look the same and all have yellow glow light on em. You could have at least colored the yellow light to red blue green whatever to differentiate them a bit there and different web lookin icons maybe too but even the light might have been enough tho i personally would want the image to change for each of em to be more unique like.

Personally for me right now the icons u made look prettier but not more functional at all and would require a learning curve which imo is far too late in the game to bother with. There needs to be more work in diversifying them all more before i consider them ready to be used by me personally at least. Bit more work sure but meh i do photoshop stuff like u thomas and its not that bad doing icons so hopefully ull have the time do make them alot less identical for a range of consoles at least my hope is.