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08-17-2013, 07:19 AM
sorry im a bit late. i didn't have access to a computer the last week.

anyways, i just got that nebula class ship for free.. and i just love it to death.
and i am kinda sad that its boff layout is just so much more correct for what it is, then what the galaxy has.

as we all know, the galaxy is a versitile ship. so we want a versitile boff layout.

so here is what i would like to see the galaxy have for its boff layout. and correct me if i am wrong, but i beleive no other ship has this layout yet.

Tactical: Lt.Cmdr
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.
Universal: Ensign and Lt.

alternatively i could see this

Tactical: Lt.
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.Cmdr
Universal: Ensign and Lt.

and of course this
Tactical: 3
Engineering: 3
Science: 3
console layout

personally i would like to see a "weapon, weapon, console" set for it
the console being the saucer sep, that large beam array idea already said in this thread, and a photon torpedo version of that omega torpedo launcher would be interesting imo

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