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08-17-2013, 12:36 PM
I used to play my Romulan all the time. I got the Scimitar 3 pack. I didn't buy it blindly, I never expected it to be an "I win" ship. Like any ship it has flaws.

Its very much how you fly the ship. Cloaked barrage to soften up the target, pop a weapon battery, decloak and finish them off. Then recloak and get out of dodge. Making sure not to use all 3 consoles is a smart move. You tend to gimp your build if you use all of them imho.

Scimitar in terms of firepower is quite overkill if built correctly, Falchion is seriously tanky at the loss of some DPS. Tulwar I never bothered to fly so I can't comment.

Playing a Romulan taught me one thing, that I didn't like most of their ships. Fleet T'varo is still a lot of fun mind you. But KDF is for me, I love my Battlecruisers.

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