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08-17-2013, 02:19 PM
Awesome way to end the weeklong giveaways with a tribble! I would love to have a tribble sitting on my desk for those tribble test weekends . Every fan should have a tribble.

by the way, thanks again for those awesome giveaways last week. Even though I was only able to get two KDF ships it was awesome for those that didn't have those items none the less.

Question: I posted comment under that article and when I clicked on to leave comment it showed in red that I cannot leave a comment, I tried again and it said too many comments were being posted and to slow down in red text. Does this mean that when I clicked on post comment is was posted but due to the server lag it won't show up for a while and by clicking it to post again show up as a duplicate comment thus disqualifying me from the contest even though I received two error messages? I tried refreshing the page multiple times and still do not see the comment.

Update: was able to finally post a comment after 3 tries. All I see is one comment posted of mine so that's a good sign
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