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I think it is an "I win" ship - in PvE anyway - although I think that's really down somewhat to availability of items like the Valdore console. I don't run any of the scimitar consoles because frankly I don't need secondary shields, can face-tank pretty much anything without having to soften it up with a preliminary cloaked barrage, and although some players love popping in and out of stealth to take advantage of the damage boost, I find that in those fews seconds of them not firing, my continued damage output outweighs the bonus they get when they pop back out again. The hangar is really just the icing on the cake, especially running drone ships which are frankly overpowered. The thing is a monster, and everything else I've flown since getting my hands on it has been lackluster by comparison.

I'm actually at the point where I think I'm going to force myself only to fly it when I run the crystalline elite (easy 1st place in it) - I've been playing around with the Monbosh quite a bit, and whilst it doesn't come close to meeting the high benchmark that the scimitar has set, I've been having a lot of fun with it. The only thing that nags me is that the subspace transceiver console is pretty much junk - it's a nice idea in theory, but frankly they should have just given both Elachi ships a hangar that could only slot the control/support craft combo. Hopefully they'll take a look at it, but mine's sitting in the bank because as it stands the ship suffers for using it.
I have to strongly disagree with you on the cloaking damage boost part

The 25% boost is to all damage not base ALL damage so I cloak wait 5 seconds then when I de cloak I get 15 seconds of 25% boost I can't see you doing that sort of damage in 5 seconds
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