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From my experience of what works on Cruisers, I've put together this build very quickly. It's fairly cheap, and almost all of the gear can be acquired from mission rewards or the exchange, with the exception of the Assimilated Module and Cutting Beam, and the threat-generating embassy console. Rarity of gear to taste.

You'll find that the Marauder handles quite differently to the Excelsior. This build is designed to get into the thick of the fight and stay there until it's over. Keep in mind that the hangar pets can be used on yourself or an ally; if you have an ally selected when you use the "Defend" command they will protect the ally instead of you. If you don't like how that particular Hangar works, swap it for To'Duj fighters to deal extra damage.

If you feel short on heals, you could swap the EPtW1 for EPtS1. For more damage instead, consider reshuffling Eng abilities to slot an Aceton Beam - but if you don't take any abilities that require Particle Generators, then you can put more skill points into Engineering skills.

No torpedoes included because of the lack of Tac BOff powers and Tac console slots to maximise their effectiveness. Consider a Hargh'Peng Torpedo because of this (in place of the DBB) as it can't be boosted by Boff abilities anyway.

More expensive options:
- More [Pla] embassy consoles
- Fleet or Romulan Reputation weapons
- [+Turn] mine consoles
- KHG, Adapted KHG, or Fleet Deflector/Engine/Shields
- Elite Scorpion hangar or any Elite fleet hangar to suit your preferences.

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