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You have recognized this ships true strength burstdragon, good job

And I agree with you on the aux2batt front. It simply limits your sci ability effectiveness (not to mention slow down hanger relaunches) by dumping aux power often with A2B. Steer clear of that ability imo.

I'm not sure where you're wanting to tank but I'll say this up front. I'm no PvPer. PvE tanking is my domain and I love it. The Marauder is the perfect ship for it (though the Fleet Corsair I've come to regard in equal fashion).

It has the same layout as the Fed Star Cruiser, which to me seems the perfect layout for a tank. Heavy on engineering (for resists) and a decent amount of sci (for heals) makes a solid combination.

Having tanked with it ever since it came out, my build suits me to a tea, and when operated correctly, can tank ANYTHING flown by an NPC. Elite STFs are my bread and butter. Aggro and tank all spheres in ISE, the gates in KASE or both raptor and Negvars from CSE at same time, tac cubes, Donatra, Borg queen ship? All doable. That's fun and challenge

Check out my engineering captains build HERE
See Description tab and other tabs for more infos
Basically, I try to grab aggro, and keep it (with FBP), then use drains and aceton debuff to reduce what I need to tank.

I will say that since there's no Fleet variant, I switched to the Fleet Corsair as my primary ship to get my 10 console goodness. Got that around the launch of S7. Haven't touched the Marauder since. So embassy consoles and mining consoles haven't been put in. Will need a touch up when I go back to it but that build should be real solid all the same.

Having said that I've updated the build page with the consoles I'd now likely stick in.
I probably would rearrange the top level engy abilities a tad, but as is, it should be fine.
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