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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
I have to strongly disagree with you on the cloaking damage boost part

The 25% boost is to all damage not base ALL damage so I cloak wait 5 seconds then when I de cloak I get 15 seconds of 25% boost I can't see you doing that sort of damage in 5 seconds
If you do the math, 15s of a 25% boost is less than 4s of 100%, so mathematically it's impossible for you to do more damage by cloaking instead of just firing.

Scimitars don't need to run any of the consoles really. They are fun toys, but basically junk. It's definitely enjoyable to fire from cloak, use the Thalaron Pulse, etc., but don't delude yourself into thinking you're doing anything other than gimping yourself by using them. Built properly, they are incredibly tough, with massive dps. If you're blowing up a lot, you're doing something wrong. The only thing that makes them take more damage is that their large hull puts you in range of core breaches more often. Watch for that.

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