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My fleet Defiant is named U.S.S Johnston, after the destroyer escort from the WW2 battle of Leyte Gulf. When Admiral Kurita's center force, including the Yamato, was allowed to drive unopposed right at Admiral Sprague's unit of vulnerable escort carriers, Lt Commander Evans of the U.S.S. Johnston drove full speed at the entire enemy fleet firing every gun and torpedo he had, severely damaging an IJN heavy cruiser. The other two destroyers then joined in, with the aid of the escort carriers they launched a counter attack so vicious that Admiral Kurita thought he had encountered Admiral Halsey's 3rd fleet in its entirety, so Kurita retreated. The Johnston did not survive the battle of course, but it's final act would have inspired an entire Klingon opera..
I have a USS Heermann kicking around somewhere, which was another participant in that same engagement. Heermann fired a torpedo spread that bracketed the Yamato and forced it to break away to evade, keeping it out of the fight for several minutes. Heermann was the only survivor of the destroyer screen.

My other notable ships are the Sovereign-class Bastogne, the Galaxy-R Chosin Reservoir, and the Galaxy Nathanael Greene. Seeing a pattern?