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08-18-2013, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
That's why it's the most deadly maneuvre in the whole of sto and why everyone and their granny uses a battle cloak

Using the boost with apa and fomm my dhcs crit for 20k so it pays to tcloak every now an again especially when apa is up off cool down
It's dangerous in PvP, because players depend so much on damage resistances and heals to tank - basically, in PvP, if you don't have your DPS above a certain threshold, it's functionally zero. Cloaking and decloaking, then, can provide the necessary "spike" to overcome someone's tank.

In PVE, though, NPCs don't really "tank", per se, they just rely on relatively large HP pools to live long enough to be a challenge. Thus, in PvE, it's more important to do a constant stream of damage than it is to have damage spikes to overcome resistances.

This is also why Beam Overload is good in PvP, but not as useful in PvE unless you take care to mitigate the power drain downside.