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08-18-2013, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by shinzonisback View Post
Why everyone who bought the scimitar feels discriminated ?
I saw everywhere threads of protest against this ship.

Someone complains about the Thalaron Pulse, someone else complains about it being so squishy.

why you bought it ?
I love the Scimitar, I started as a romulan only to get a Scimitar, but when they released it, i didn't bought it.

I knew it wasn't a good ship.
Too squishy, too big and with low turn rate.

it is probably one of the worst ship in the game, and I knew it.
I said it about 20 times in various threads, but no one believed me.
Funny, bought the Scimitar pack and:

1) Don't find it useless (my Romulan character still uses it.)

2) It's FAR from being one of the worst/squishiest ships in game (with a good build.)

Honestly, sounds more like a case of some players expecting/wondering: "Hey! Where's my 'I win' button?"

[Oh, and if you didn't buy it, haven't tried it yourself - it kind of makes me wonder where your basis for complaining about it is. There's so much BAD ship info and bad assumptions on the official forums, it's often hilarious to read at times.]
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