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08-18-2013, 09:26 PM
For KDF, do not know what the names mean anyways, so... yeah.

For Romulans, if not using a randomly generated name, I'll select a title from the old Roman Republic / Empire. Centurion, Legate, Gladius, Praetor, Imperium, etc.

With the Feds, it's of course easy to get into specifics. A few of what I have among my many toons:

Sovereign: USS Constitution - A nod to the lead of a glorious line of ships.

Defiant: USS Apache

Prometheus/MVAE: USS Marseille - Named after a French city. It just sounds cool...

Nova: USS Oppenheimer - Named after the lead physicist of the "Manhattan Project," and a fitting name for a Science Vessel used for war.