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08-19-2013, 01:29 AM
Actually its interesting but all the maps in this game where designed already for flight movement.

When this game first came out it some interesting sometimes you didn't appear on the ground as your captain instead you appeared with your away team as your ship. So players could fly around areas.

Also the reverse was true in space...sometimes the ship didn't appear only the character.....which looked silly....characters are very small on the big space over maps.

So in essence its interesting they don't have the risan floaters work other places.

As for the not being able to shoot thing....

Another curious historical note from this game....there was an interesting bug that got fixed fairly fast that allowed players to send their levitation boots form champions online over to star trek online via in game a lot of people went all over the place and could shoot and use their stuff while levitating.....including on pvp maps.

the not being to shoot or do things on the risan floater is added code.

So its interesting that there are not other places to fly around in....but most likely this is just cryptic trying to figure out if they want to use a differing item....and if they want to have differing animations and effects...after all these are the same people who spent over a year to release a cape on city of heroes....because they couldn't decide if they liked how the cape looked or how it worked.