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08-19-2013, 01:43 AM
Its interesting you bring this up.

As you know this game has an altered timeline.

there are still actual advanced races that in the current star trek online universe that have not been met.

One is the Organians.....the energy beings that made the Klingons and federations stop fighting....and create the organian peace treaty.(this kind of shows an in game temporal paradox by the way as this would have been the only way space station K7 would have appeared as shermans planet was a focal point of war before the treaty)

Also I do not believe Triskelia nor the Excalibians have been encountered in this game's time line either.

Which makes me wonder if the Andromedans where ever met either....or if they are still on their way back to earth.

ie...the iconians and fungus people seam pretty powerful...but what can they do against ancient races with powers way beyond simple gate technology.

Have to love those old star trek episodes....lets just hope that landru was still destroyed as well....lest the borg find him and start trying to absorb everyone.