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A suggestion I would like to bring forward is that lobi credits from lockboxes are bound to a person's account, rather then an individual toon. Or, that items bought from the Lobi store, are bound to the account on pickup, rather then the character.

The reason I am putting this forward, is that I have several characters, that, over time, I would like to purchase lobi items for. However, when opening lockboxes, the lobi credits are bound to the character, and any item purchased in the lobi store via the credits, are also bound to the character.

I use one character to open the lockboxes, in order to stock the lobi credits together, to see what I can purchase once opening the boxes. It is true, I could open lockboxes via each individual character, with a lobi store purchase in mind. However, for the sake of making STO more user friendly, I would highly encourage a move in this direction.