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08-19-2013, 01:20 PM
Had the best bad STF on Saturday
How so you ask?
IS Normal (was trying out a new build on my Klingon alt)
3 of the players were inexperienced on this map, which became obvious when the optional was lost and they immediately warped out.
1 player and myself stayed, he flew a Wells. (I hope he/she reads this)
We didn't get the optional, but we both hung in there and finished the map. Took a while. Let me tell you how awesome that was, once we coordinated on who was doing what, it was awesome and exciting. Did a bit to restore my faith in the game community. I thought about telling him "Sorry" and bail as well, but I'm glad I stayed. It put a new twist on a map I've already done thousands of times.
If you're out there Wells captain, I salute you!

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