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08-19-2013, 01:25 PM
Alright, so after getting a few more wonderful ships from the Summer Giveaway, I have a few more ship names.

For my Federation character:

U.S.S. Axiom (Nebula class)- There is actually a very interesting story behind this name. I am a regular participant in pen-and-paper RPG sessions, and right now, my group is doing a Star Trek campaign. The campaign is set just after the Dominion War, aboard a battered Nebula class called the Axiom, and I decided to replicate the ship in STO. Of course, if the GM ever gets back into STO and decides to buy a Nebula for herself, I might just let her have the name instead (seeing as she came up with it) and call my Nebula something different.

U.S.S. St. Lawrence (Yellowstone Runabout)- I pretty much used the name of my previous Danube Runabout and carried it over to the Yellowstone. It is so named because Runabouts, as a rule, are named after rivers, and the St. Lawrence is the most significant river in Canada.

For my KDF Orion:

I.K.S. Oricar (Orion Marauder carrier)- The Oricar is actually an Orion war-barge that plays a pivotal role in my character's backstory. Naturally, I couldn't resist creating the Oricar in-game...though given the Marauder's appearance, I was tempted to call it the I.K.S. Space Hamster instead.

I.K.S. Slann (Gorn Phalanx Science ship)- In Warhammer Fantasy, the Lizardmen race is ruled by the Slann, a species of giant, atrophied, hyperintelligent frogs who are the most powerful mages in the game. I thought the name was fitting for a reptilian science vessel.

Sor'cha (To'Duj fiighter)- Randomly-generated name. Moving on.

I.K.S. Stark (Risian Corvette)- You have three guesses as to what colours I painted this ship in.

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