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08-19-2013, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
I've seen the new icons presented by Thomas. Most of them are great/improvements, I think.

However, it's too bad there was no consulting with the players before pushing them out... From that thread it seems most people (including myself) are not too keen on the icons for the Engineering Armor/Resistance consoles. The general consensus being that they look too alike. A similar complaint has been said about the Tactical Weapon Buffing consoles.

Also, thanks guys for fixing the TNG Costume Pants last week. When can we see more costume fixes? There are may such issues (check out my signature banner link).
1. It is now much more difficult to distinguish between consoles within certain categories. For example, all energy damage consoles look the same except for color. Similar comments apply to kinetic damage consoles, hull plating consoles, and alloy consoles.

2. Color is used to represent rarity in this game. Using color to also represent console type creates problems. For example, I can see someone mistaking a polaron damage console for an energy damage console of another type.

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