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These are some general tips about the game which I post (hopefully) every day (well I'm posting 2-4 per day for now until I fill in most of the tips I had before), and range from anything to anything. This is on the forums so it wouldn't spam my fleet message of the day. Fleeties, welcome, others, GTFO... JK go ahead... Some of these may seem simple or obvious to you, but keep it to yourself as other people may actually find it helpful, hence this is in the Academy section...
Our fleet information is here if you are interested as we can help you along the way:
Thanks for reading, and hopefully I've helped you... Leave some feedback, etc, etc... And if there's any advice, neat tips or something you'd like to share/help/get help with, go ahead and send me a message or post it right here.

P.S. Seeing how a bunch of you are posting tips here, I'd like to thank you for doing it and just don't take it the wrong way if I don't reply to your tip or only reply to some, as this thread would just be spammed with thank you posts instead of being helpful to others.
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