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08-19-2013, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by crypticttc View Post
...After looking at feedback we reviewed the icons for the engineering alloys and decided that they indeed did look too similar. I've already checked in new art for these icons that still has a uniform style but is more distinct...
Better, but still too similar. I could tolerate these, if I had to.

Originally Posted by eeb3 View Post
One thing that kinda confounds me, is why only the Kinetic/Energy Resist Consoles, have different names for different ranks (instead of just one name) and getting small-differently looking consoles, while energy-specific resist consoles get all similar looking consoles and through the ranks the same name for the specific energy. Seems a bit of a headache to make sure things are working correctly or finding things on the exchange. When you don't know the name of the kinetic console you want since each one has a different name.
Agreed. I mentioned this earlier in the thread. I really thing it's a waste of resources having all these different rank-up armors. Why? It just makes things more confusing. I wish they'd consolodate them: 1 Armor for Kinetic only, one for Kin/Energy, and then the various armors variant on energy flavor.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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