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08-19-2013, 06:22 PM
As a Brit, I like to keep ship names British.

My early level ships were named after places relevant to me. Sheffield, Chesterfield, Yorkshire etc. My Runabout for my main character was the USS Thames.

I went through a phase of naming them after Royal Navy vessels, Bellerophon, Indefatigable, Indomitable.

Tended to name my science vessels after scientists, both real and in the star trek universe, Fleming, Hawking, Heisenberg. That's until I got a temporal science vessel and wanted a time travel reference. I went for USS Idris, after the humanoid incarnation of the Tardis.

I never bothered much with the Klingon ship names for my Klink, tended to just stick with the default, until one day I decided to do some research into the language and named my tac ship the IKS veQ'Duj (IKS Garbage Scow)

I actually think this is a bit of a LoR weakness, there is very little information or usage of the Romulan language for us to come up with good sounding Romulan ship names. I have stayed with default names for Romulan ships.