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08-20-2013, 12:10 AM
All these new powerful vessels...the awesome Rom ships...the lockbox ones...sometimes, nah, always indeed...I this still a real Star Trek Universe game?
Don't get me wrong, Stol is an awesome game for the ST fans, the PvE is a wonderful experience, the PvP is often broken and umbalanced precisely because of the PvE, but at least for me always enjoyable even if I lose...a lot...sigh...
But seriously now...Star Trek means above all Federation and Klingon Empire and when often I don't see any of their ships in the PvP battles then something is wrong!
So, undoubtedly the UFP and KDF canonical vessels need a revamp!
Please Cryptic, upgrade our ships and downgr...ahem...and also the evul ones!
After a fierce battle against the evuls a Fed Captain needs some relax!