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08-20-2013, 07:26 AM
When will we finally get some performance optimizations in this game? UI is so resource demanding atm, disabling it increases my frame rate by 30fps or so. Is it possible to run it on a 3rd cpu thread?

Also DX11 needs some optimization. It seems like since LoR got released DX11 performance has decreased ALOT. Do some tests on New Romulus Epoh field both DX9 vs DX11 is a whooping 25fps difference atm both on recommended settings.

(Shouldnt dx11 give a performance boost on new gpus like 670GTX?)
I tried newest beta driver and a very old one from January and doesnt chance a thing.

Might it be related to the new textures since LoR? I also notice an increased texture loading/blurring on dx11 with a 2GB ram vid card, it simply wont load all textures.( tried auto and 1024+ setting)

So yeah it seems the vid mem is capped at 800mb when using the /showmem 1 or whatever is called.

Thanks devs im hoping for some clarification on the matter.
Keep up the good work!

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