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I know you don't care any more, I get it. But did you know that you can't even put a human boff in a TOS uniform any more? I bought the uniforms years ago, I have older boffs in the uniform but I can't make a new one. I have the shirt option... under loose jacket... when it's not. I do not have a rank option for the scrambled eggs on the sleeves. When I put the pants on him from TOS, well standard pants, there's no TOS option the only boots that are close any more are the ones from the motion picture. The TOS boots are gone.

Is there any chance you guys can hire a programmer, sit him down at his station, load up the tailor code and just like the Pakleds point at the screen and say "You are smart, make it go".

Seriously, stop adding stuff for just 2 months and start fixing stuff. God knows you stopped adding content long enough during the takeover, and we were all paying back then. Surely your player base will stick around long enough for you to fix stuff.