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Hello there!

Me & my sister (her forum name is Mariavamp) we play start trek online from different accounts. Five days ago we formated the pc so as you already know the game "asked" for a verification code which was sent at our emails. Apparently only I got an email. We believe is cuz I use hotmail & she a yahoo, since she has come across the same problem when she was activating her perfect world account in order to perform a donation. The problem is that she is sending tickets 4 days now (one per day) at the support team with out any response. Today she tried the "change email" option at her account in order to change it in hot mail, but the procedure itself failed and a message appeared saying in order to change the email she needs to contact support team... Which she did, and yet again there is no response. There reason I am making the thread is cuz since her account is suspended (no verification code ever sent to her yahoo mail) she cannot make the thread by herself & under her own name. Please clear us out what is going on, or what is wrong so she can act alike.

Thank you in advance.

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EDIT: Please remember that posing your email address on the forums is against the rules and the rule exists for your security. Tickets are answered in the order received and as fast as possible. Please allow more time for a response. Additionally, please do not send in a new ticket each day -- please wait for your original inquiry to be responded to. Thanks! -Brandon

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