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08-20-2013, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
We brought down the Tribble server earlier for maintenance to apply a new update, ST.31.20130803a.9

  • The Elachi Monbosh Battleship has had its cloaking device removed.
    • Any ships that are already owned will have cloak removed.
    • Any ships that are purchased new will not have cloak.
  • The mail window has been updated to display a maximum of 300 mails.
  • The icons have been updated for all passive science, tactical and engineering consoles:
    • In addition to this, the following icons have also been updated:
      • The hyper-injection antimatter warp core icons are now based on the Defiant's warp core.
      • Field stabilizing antimatter warp cores now use the old hyper-injection warp core icons
      • Standard issue warp cores now use the old field stabilizing antimatter warp core icon
      • Standard issue Romulan singularity cores have new icons.
  • There are now proper messages when promoting and demoting leaders in a fleet.
  • The game window can no longer be smaller than 256x256 when playing in windowed mode.

Known Issues:
  • There is a new crash to desktop that may occur while using gateway.
Couple questions about the new display limit for the mail window.
1) Is it just a display limit or do mails past #300 get deleted?
2) With this new limit will you be reverting the change that has returned exchange sale items to be accompanied by a second message that only goes away when the mail containing the item is deleted?