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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
Any scources for that or are you just making assumptions?

Afaik the only material out there is what we saw and heard in the single Voyager episode, without any other scource mentioning them, not even secondary stuff like novels. If I remember that episode, the only tech we saw was them mentioning transwarp and they did a bit of hacking into Voyagers systems, while being held back technologically by thousand of years through their religious doctrines.

Sure they managed to capture Voyager, but even a dumb-as-a-brick species like the Kazon managed to pull that off...
They did other things - they could beam entire ships, they had near perfect personal and ship cloaking devices, exotic power generation, etc. They were far advanced over the Federation in every aspect that was shown - except they were not by a longshot advanced enough to account for their 20 million years of recorded history and 65+ million years of existence. They've advanced so slowly as to be at an effective standstill.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lines, between extinction level conflicts with two technologically superior enemies and a series of cataclysmic wars, our side of the galaxy has had a technological explosion. In Best of Both Worlds, the best the Federation could do didn't even damage the Borg. Even by First Contact, they were able to do damage, just not enough without Picard's inside knowledge. By the end of Voyager they could do real damage and in STO they fought off a full scale invasion force.

Technology has been running out of control here while last we knew the Voth were still quibbling about genetic ancestry and religious dogma. We're on fair footing with the Tholians. At this point the Voth are at best about as far ahead of us as the Tholians were in the 23rd Century - probably still more advanced but hardly insurmountable.

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