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08-20-2013, 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by danteandersen View Post
I have a different problem:

I had bought the Starter Pack back when it first released for $19.99. Cryptic said that if you purchase the Legacy Pack later, you would only be charged the difference (because the Legacy Pack includes everything in the Starter Pack)

I was charged $159.99... I should have only been charged $140 ($159.99 - the $19.99 already paid in)

I am filing a billing ticket and expect either a refund of $19.99 or the addition of 2000 Zen to my account.

I am not going to be paying $179.98 for a $159.99 item.

I can't remember them saying anything like that. Do you have a link to a post where Cryptic states that they only charge the difference ?