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08-20-2013, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by themarie,
PVP folks are already crying butthertz over this and the rest of the Elachi gear.

Rather than come up with new builds, new tactics and actually THINK for once they demand that everyone else (the vast majority) cater to them.

Enjoy it while it lasts -- it'll be dumbed down to a fancy grav-well within two patches

How true? and agree with the above. There's always a work around and easy fix. I love PvPs but this just does not make sense. They are complaining about a console when the whole PvP maps are all dead since inception. No single upgrades done from 3 years for PvPs and its the same BORING designs...if they want to complain about something...they should take a look at what is more important rather than making a mountain out a mole...just an observation to keep things in perspective.