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08-20-2013, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by danteandersen View Post
I had bought the Starter Pack back when it first released for $19.99. Cryptic said that if you purchase the Legacy Pack later, you would only be charged the difference (because the Legacy Pack includes everything in the Starter Pack)
Just as an FYI, every place where this was mentioned by BranFlakes was in the LoR pre-order thread, and Brandon's response at that time was for people who bought the Starter Pack and the Legacy Pack to contact Billing and see if they would refund them the cost of the Starter Pack since they bought both - but the Starter Pack refund was not guaranteed.

I wish you luck in getting the Starter Pack refunded, but it was never something stipulated in the C-Store, in the LoR sales page, or by BranFlakes on the forum.
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