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08-20-2013, 01:39 PM
TO: Frank Ocasio, Deputy Commander of Orion Cygnus subdivision, Starfleet Command
FROM: Vice Admiral Zolaria, CO of USS Kaiser Tesadora


It is with great sadness that I transmit my personal report to you concerning the mission assigned to my ship and the USS Omega Imperius, under the command of Vice Admiral Azlera, in which we were to investigate the disappearance of several freighters and their escorts in the Zeta Andromedae Sector.

Upon arriving in the sector, we received a distress call from the Orias system. Upon arriving, we encountered the True Way, as we were expecting, but not in the way we had expected.

We had encountered one of the Cardassian's most powerful ships ever built, the Hutet-class Dreadnaught. We engaged the dreadnaught in a long and protracted battle, but the ship's massive size and armament was just as deadly as it was during the Dominion War.

During the engagement, the Omega Imperius was badly hit by the Hutet, and began suffering from a Core Breach. VA Azlera evacuated the crew, and rammed the fatally wounded Excelsior into the side of the dreadnaught. Her sacrafice allowed us to use the Kaiser Tesadora's Quantum Phaser to damage the Hutet internally, destroying it.

I am formally recommending that Azlera be posthumously promoted, and awarded for her sacrifice.

Vice Admiral Zolaria, Orion Cygnus Chief Intel Officer
Stardate 91432.9