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# 3 The Long Way Home
08-20-2013, 02:42 PM
Captains Log - Stardate 91240.09

It has been 17 long, punishing years since the IGV Kumachi was thrown into unknown space by the spacial eddie known only as "The Void". Over these 17 years this vessel has become part of the crew, part of this family. This "Worthy of the founder's blessing" ship (as Commander James U'Tak) described it has done more for us and then some, in the numerous battles against the borg and even the queen herself (at least one of them) she has sustained heavy damage but has still kept going for us. We have finally entered the Alpha Quadrant again, after what seems like decades of battle, and surprise surprise they sent us a welcome gift, the federation is at war again, the whole galaxy is in chaos and the borg are making a return... Hopefully we can find some way of getting this new information to starfleet before the borg intercept us with another cube again, we managed to hold off the last one, but with very...very severe consequences... I miss Emerald, she was a good member of this crew... Of this family. I feel like I have lost a daughter, I would give anything to have her and the 32 others back. I just hope the journey wasn't in V- [Explosion] [ Alarms] (over Comms "all hands to battle stations, Red Alert, 2 Borg Tactical Cubes closing fast!" )

This is Teranis Commander of the Kumachi, possible last log entry, the information... The information key to defeating the borg once and for all (laughs under breath) [Explosion] it's so simple [Explosion] it's - [Explosion]

----------------------------------------Transmission Failure----------------------------------------------------------------------------------TIME RECIVED 01:13 Hrs----------------------------------------

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