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08-20-2013, 02:41 PM
Captain's Log-Date: 2413

Missions like this make me remember that we are mortal. That we aren't invincible in these ships. That some people can't be saved no matter what you do. Yesterday we received a transmission from a Starfleet Science Vessel that was disabled by a ship of unknown origin. My fellow captain and brother Ryan Clark and I were sent to investigate.

Upon our arrival We could not find any Science Vessel or wreckage for that matter. All we could find was a intimidating black mass of a ship. We tried to hail them, all we got back was hostility. We tried fighting but, it was like no ship I had ever seen, its weapons ripped through my brother's ship like a tree in a relentless storm.

My brother soon realized that only one of us could make it out alive. He ordered me to flee and promised that he would buy me a drink back on Earth, I wish I could have believed. him before we left I saw him flying his battered ship in one last burst of glory into the unknown hostility. It was a beautiful sight, Their sacrifice had allowed us to escape.

The Rouge ship is still intact, still roaming, preying on the unfortunate. One day I will find it again, and I will hunt it down and destroy it avenging my brother and his crew. This I promise

Signed, Jace Clark, Captain USS Liberator